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Does the word business scare you?

The beginning to my story.

2005. Graduation of my YTT. I close my eyes and I remember it all! The excitement to start teaching and help people understand yoga and how much I loved it vibrated all over me. I was like a puppy just wanting to do good for people.

Fast forward to today. That hasn’t changed much.

I fell in love with the word business when I made it make sense for me. When I understood that my passion was as strong as ever, my desire as full as when I started and that I needed a little bit of organization in my brain to make it all make more sense so more people benefited.

When someone explained to me once that being a yoga teacher meant being in business for yourself I had no idea what they meant because it was a part time thing for me. My days were spent in an advertising agency, or a publishing company, or an architecture firm during the day and then running to my class at night to make some extra money.

Does this sound like you? (Just replace the former jobs and insert what you do to make money).

Because I was over working for other people, loved my freedom to travel, loved taking trainings and workshops, I knew I had to move full time into teaching.

And the rat race began!

24 classes a week at one point… totally exhausting and less money in my pocket than before! This made no sense to me because what’s the point of living doing what I loved but having no money to travel, take the trainings I loved, move into my own apartment (vs living in my friend’s living room).

Welcome the world of self-development and actually giving a shit about myself.

Realizing I was playing this weird game of work my butt off, teach so much that I was getting injured and still having no savings sucked.

I knew something had to change just didn’t know how. Diving deep into layers of myself, layers of my desire, and understanding that I could get better at every single aspect of my life is an amazing gift. The trick is it all started with my mindset and believing in myself.

Bring on the reading and learning. 

There is so much information out there readily available for us about business, what it means to actually empower yourself with knowledge about running a smart business, about what it takes to have order and systems in place to afford a lifestyle I wanted.

The more I learned about others (yogis, artists, you name it) who took matters into their own hands and made a shift in their lives, the more I saw it in my future.

Have you ever felt like this?

The NEW me!

Diving deeper and deeper and deeper gave me so much freedom and lightness. The sense of empowerment, strength and resourcefulness introduced me to a whole new way of seeing things.

Saying I hate business and sales only brought less business and sales to my life.

Saying I don’t need money only brought less money to my life.

Don’t lose your power and say I’m not ready yet!

Understanding that everything I said and everything I did mattered changed my life.

Something I don’t know, I learn.

A task I can’t do on my own probably means I should hire someone better than me to get it done and as a result move further quicker.

An idea that needs to come out, I figure out how to do it.

This is why and how I created Bizzy Yogi, because I know this amazing and powerful work will work for you as well as long as you believe. 

It’s all about the mind, the desire of the outcome and how bad you want it. Owning your value is your claim to fame (whatever that word means to you).

How will you manifest your dreams?

I want to have a talk and find out more and move some energy around?

And remember it’s all inside you… jedi mind tricks really do work (oh and a sweet rock solid plan).

Thanks for reading my story.



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