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Hi! I’m Arianne Om

Yogi Soul, Creative Mind, Wanderluster and Supporter of Dreams!

“Busy doing what I LOVE!”

There is nothing more exciting to me than finding passion and being free to travel and work anywhere. I’m excited and honored to have created Biz Yogi, an online platform for creative gypsy souls like me find their voice and their business, so that they can create a bigger impact in the world.

People know me as a mover, a quick thinking solution based yogini and say: “Ari, you are always so busy!” My answer is always the same: “Busy doing what I LOVE!”

Born in Peru during one of the country’s scariest times of terrorism, we moved to Miami to give us the option to a better life. Always a creative kid, full of energy, passion and determined to do whatever I wanted, I opted for the path least taken but determined to succeed.


Coming from a long line of business owners, I am inspired constantly to make it happen through effort, passion and fun work. This is why and how I took the plunge to step off the path of what’s comfortable and make something AWESOME for myself and those around me.

With over a decade in the Yoga and wellness industry building programs, trainings, retreats and opening a successful studio in Miami, I’ve been there and done that. Making many mistakes along the way, which taught me quickly. That’s WHY I will help you SKIP those mistakes and create a quick path to results.


Biz Yogi is a tribe of difference makers. Our service as yogis is what sets us apart from the rest of business owners. We have heart centered approach to living with commitment, virtue and spirit.

It is a socially conscious company that gives back a percent of our profits to local & international charities that create lasting changes aligned to my yogi soul’s purpose. If we all gave a little bit more to making a change, we would all be sitting in a better world. Those of you who know me, I’m a philanthropist at heart with the desire to save the planet (this is where you come in and help!!! YAY!)

Through the programs, interviews, & trainings BizYogi is here to give you access to living the life you love, the dreams we share and the passion that reflects our purpose. Whatever your wishes are from a your personal or business life, our tribe is here to lift each other up.

Know I’m committed to creating a radical shift in your life, your business, your spiritual and physical growth and reconnect with the divine essence in you.

my career

Committed to finding my niche, I became the first AcroYoga teacher in the S.E. United States, and am currently one of the top 10 teachers with the highest level of certifications. This propagated my career and helped me travel all across the world leading immersions, trainings and be a program creator for AcroYoga International.

This is what helped me understand the power of being a specialist and how that’s translated into a 6 figure business.

Now as a coach and mentor, I help you pave the way for your next steps into creating what you desire. Leave me a message below in the chat bubble or let me buy you 15 minutes of my time!