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The OM All Day podcast episode features an insightful interview with Ellen Kotze, a web designer specializing in websites for the wellness industry. The conversation revolves around the importance of websites, common mistakes to avoid, and practical considerations for building an effective online presence. Ellen shares her journey as a service provider, emphasizing the significance of a well-designed website as a digital storefront for wellness professionals.

Ellen delves into her passion for the wellness industry, expressing a desire to help practitioners overcome common challenges in presenting their services online. She emphasizes the importance of user-friendly elements such as online booking, personalized about sections, and authentic imagery to create a compelling and trustworthy online presence.

The discussion touches on the choice of website platforms, with Ellen expressing a preference for WordPress due to its flexibility and SEO capabilities. She advises clients to consider their long-term goals when selecting a platform, emphasizing the need for a website that aligns with future business needs.

Ellen shares valuable insights on the significance of client-focused content and the common mistake of overemphasizing personal qualifications on websites. She encourages practitioners to prioritize showcasing the value they offer to clients rather than focusing solely on their credentials.

The conversation also explores the role of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in website development. Ellen stresses the ongoing nature of SEO efforts and the need for strategic content creation to improve search rankings. She emphasizes that while SEO is crucial, it is a specialized service beyond the scope of basic website design.

Ellen provides practical advice for individuals without websites, outlining essential components like online booking, authentic imagery, clear service descriptions, and links to social media. She highlights the importance of understanding the target audience to tailor the website’s design and content accordingly.

The interview concludes with a discussion on updating websites and potential pitfalls to avoid. Ellen advises against updating WordPress themes and the core theme, emphasizing the potential risks of breaking the site if not handled correctly. She recommends caution when updating plugins but encourages clients to keep them up to date for optimal performance.

Overall, the conversation with Ellen Kotze provides valuable insights into the world of web design, particularly for wellness professionals. The episode serves as a resource for individuals looking to enhance their online presence, offering practical tips and considerations for creating an effective and client-focused website.

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