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Top lessons from mamama for motivation:

Close your eyes and think of the time someone saved your life. For me it was when I was 3 years old on vacation in Miami and I daringly jumped into the pool without my floaties. Holy crap that was the most amazing feeling until I started sinking… and sinking… and sinking. All of a sudden I get pulled into the surface by my grandmother who was super woman. Do you have someone in your life who motivates you? Because you deserve constant support and to be saved every now and then.

My grandma – will call her Mamama Berta – was the strongest, most astute woman I have ever met. Both my grandmas were, but I am honoring this post the Mamama Berta.

Being in Peru with her for 3 days last week praying, chanting, doing mantras, using oils, doing reiki all to help her soul pass into heaven quicker and with no roadblocks showed me many things.

  1. The time I have here is limited
  2. Breath is numbered
  3. Thank god I own my own business so I can just get up and go when I need without asking anyone
  4. I am completely FREE
  5. I am NOT  self sabotaging myself any longer
  6. Motivate yourself daily to be better

So you are an entrepreneur? Yeah let’s talk…

Do you work 24/7? Do you jump up when I client calls you and put things in the back burner? Do you doubt yourself when you are having fun because you have to follow up with clients, or send that email and most of all finish your work?

I know this is hard to swallow. The pill is bigger than what you want and your kombucha isn’t helping it go down.

TIME is limited.

LIFE is a gift.

Allow yourself to streamline some of your work, outsource, automate and keep moving.

I can do it all!

Yes of course you can. You can do your books, your marketing, create the content, teach the classes, come up with business growth and maybe then you can take a day off and take a freaking nap in the sun.

Get some help! This changes daily as I understand who to hire for the right reasons, who to reach out to who has a quicker and better answer. At the end of the day- don’t we want our time back?

Prioritize what you like to do best. I realized very quickly I dislike accounting, I pretended I did and my books went to total shit. Yup. Shit. So I hired a bookeeper and now my life is way easier as I can focus on what I LOVE which is content creation and strategy for growth.

Motivation comes from the self. You have to keep your spirits up when there is overwhelm.

I hired someone to help with social media. Why? Cause it takes too freaking LONG! I really appreciate all the growth strategies for my instagram but honestly, I rather be doing something else.

Do you see? Pretty much everything we do should fill our cup vs emptying it.

Back to Mamama Berta.

Here are 3 gems from my abuelita:

  1. Never stop moving. The minute you sit down is when you stay seated forever.
  2. Sell! All you need in life is to sell your products so you can keep your economy in check.
  3. Keep your family close.

I hope you all learned a few things here because I sure as heck did. The process wasn’t easy but it slapped me in the face and is making me streamline so much so I can better serve you!!!

Check out the Super Bizzy Yogi Course Module 2 on how to save time, be more productive and efficient without spending a lot of money!!!


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