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The Power Of The Email

Oh emails. Yes they are alive and real. Email marketing is probably one of the fastest ways to increase revenue to your business because it’s all about relationships. Nowadays with the surge of social media, relationships are really based on value, promises and how to stay connected via a screen.

The Beginning.

Let’s start with the basics. What is email marketing and why do I even need it for my business. First of all, how often do you get information you want to learn more about in your inbox vs the amount of, let’s be real, spam. I long for those emails where I will either learn something, get inspired, get some tips and more.
The world of communication is so valuable because your inbox is like your mailbox in your house (just it’s way cheaper to send an email than a letter). But imagine getting awesome letters from your favorite people once a week?

To start your email list is not hard or expensive. On the other hand, it can be pretty much free and give you access to a wealth of potential customers. There are tons of services out there that provide newsletter deliverability for free or at a low cost. You want to start a list and you want to start it today.

Some questions you might ask are:
How do I start my list?
How often do you send emails?
Will people open them?
What do I write?

Like I said if you don’t have a list, start one today! Create a database of emails of people that gave you permission to email them about your services. It’s not your aunt Bonnie unless she’s a potential client. You can start the email collection process with an opt-in on your website or get business cards and manually add them. We can talk about mechanics of things on another post!

Consistency is key here. Don’t let more than a month lag between you and your tribe. Remember they opt in because they want you to send them good stuff… so hook them up! I’m guilty of not being super consistent but I have a plan and I’m sticking to it. If I don’t will you guys hold me accountable? LOL!

This is the dreaded question. Will people open the emails. What’s worst is will people OPT-OUT of my list! If they opt-out then guess what, they won’t be customers or engaged in what you do and what you are offering. So ADIOS! I used to get all bent out of shape about this… now I see it as a lost opportunity for them to grow and be more amazing humans.

Ok fine a tiny grudge. Very very tiny.

Metrics are key when dealing with your emails. You will get a better idea depending what service provider you use but the key thing is to send your first one. After this you will feel accomplished and you can read your metrics and learn. It’s always an opportunity to grow.

Write what you are good at. Your passion, why you are in business doing what you love, why you want to see the person on the other side so happy and ready to conquer the world. You are sending that person all your love and heart. It is so beautiful when you can impact one person, make them smile and better improve his/her life one way or another.


I’m constantly looking for ways to connect with my audience, my tribe of Bizzy Yogis. How can I serve them better? In addition I want to give them more value than they can even imagine! Probably most of you can say that there are a few emails you receive that you absolutely love. I know I have my top 5 since I open them every time they land in my inbox.

Look at your top 5 and see why you love them. What about them makes you happy, makes you want more. Write down the feelings you get when you read these emails and in addition to this see how you can get the same feeling from your emails while making them totally your voice. No email stealing ok? Promise?

Hope some of your questions are answered, and if you have more, feel free to drop me a line!

Thanks for reading and check out the new and improved section of the website called work with me.


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