Sat-Chit-Ananda: Truth-Consciousness-Bliss For Our Life Design

Truth-Consciousness-Bliss for our Life Design

In this episode, the focus is on the concept of Sat-Chit-Ananda, which translates to Truth-Consciousness-Bliss. The hosts delve into how this concept can be applied to design and create a fulfilling life.

The episode begins by discussing the meaning behind Sat-Chit-Ananda. “Sat” refers to truth or existence, “Chit” represents consciousness or awareness, and “Ananda” signifies bliss or deep happiness. The hosts explore how integrating these three elements into our lives can lead to a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and joy.

Throughout the conversation, the hosts discuss practical ways to incorporate Sat-Chit-Ananda into our life design. They emphasize the importance of aligning our actions and choices with our core values and inner truth. By living in integrity and authenticity, we can experience a deep sense of fulfillment and contentment.

The episode also explores the concept of consciousness and the role it plays in shaping our reality. The hosts discuss the power of mindfulness, self-awareness, and intentionality in creating a life that reflects our true nature and desires.

Additionally, the hosts highlight the significance of cultivating a sense of bliss or deep happiness in our daily lives. They encourage listeners to explore activities, relationships, and experiences that bring them joy and contribute to their overall well-being.

Throughout the episode, the hosts provide practical tips and exercises for integrating Sat-Chit-Ananda into our life design. They suggest practices such as meditation, journaling, and self-reflection as tools for deepening our connection to truth, consciousness, and bliss.

The conversation concludes with a reminder that Sat-Chit-Ananda is not a destination but a continuous journey of self-discovery and growth. By consciously aligning with truth, expanding our consciousness, and cultivating a sense of bliss, we can design and create lives that are truly fulfilling and aligned with our deepest aspirations.

Overall, Episode 12 explores the concept of Sat-Chit-Ananda and how it can be applied to life design. It provides insights and practical tools for integrating truth, consciousness, and bliss into our daily lives, ultimately leading to a more purposeful and joyful existence.

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Redefining the Alpha Female

Redefining the Alpha Female

Is the feminine losing ground?


Let’s be honest, our roles as women have changed and keep shifting and for some women it’s a struggle right now to lead and be led!


The Alpha female has surged with roles of being the bread winner to cooking dinner for the family… all while keeping up on self-care!


There’s so much stress, confused roles, masculine vs feminine polarities that I have a hard time keeping up with on my own life. 


This is why I loved interviewing Dr. Chelsea Washington on the Om All Day Podcast with a special episode.


You can find a balance with your divine feminine and powerful masculine and rewrite the narrative of the patriarchal society we live in.


If you’re not sure how check out what Dr. Chelsea shares in this episode of Om All Day


🌿 Gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be an Alpha Female in our modern world and embrace the qualities that align with your authentic self.

🌿 Explore the delicate balance between masculine and feminine energies, allowing for a harmonious integration that empowers your relationships and enhances overall well-being.

🌿 Learn effective strategies to navigate the challenges and complexities that come with the Alpha Female identity, finding strength and empowerment in the process.

The roles are shifting, the world is changing and you get to write your story. 

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Breakthrough Vs. Breakdown: An Alternative Approach To Healing

In this episode, Goddess Well explores an alternative approach to healing by shifting the perspective from “breakdown” to “breakthrough.” The episode challenges the commonly held belief that healing only occurs after a complete breakdown, suggesting that there is another way to approach and experience healing.

Goddess Well begins by discussing the traditional view of healing, which often involves hitting rock bottom or experiencing a breakdown before finding a path to recovery. She argues that this perspective can perpetuate a cycle of suffering and limit our ability to proactively engage in our healing journey.

The episode explores the concept of a breakthrough as a powerful and transformative experience that can lead to healing. Goddess Well suggests that by reframing breakdowns as breakthrough opportunities, individuals can approach their healing journey from a place of empowerment and growth.

Throughout the conversation, Goddess Well shares insights and tools for embracing the breakthrough mindset. She encourages listeners to cultivate self-awareness and self-compassion, allowing themselves to explore their vulnerabilities and limitations without judgment.

Goddess Well also emphasizes the importance of mindset and intention in the healing process. She discusses the power of positive affirmations, visualization, and energy work as tools for shifting our perspective and creating breakthrough moments in our lives.

Furthermore, the episode explores the role of self-care and self-love in the healing journey. Goddess Well suggests that by prioritizing our well-being and engaging in practices that nourish our mind, body, and spirit, we can foster a positive environment for breakthroughs to occur.

The conversation concludes with a reminder that healing is a continuous and evolving process. Goddess Well encourages listeners to embrace the journey and recognize that breakthroughs can happen at any stage, not just in moments of crisis or breakdown.

Overall, this podcast episode by Goddess Well offers an alternative approach to healing by shifting the focus from breakdown to breakthrough. It invites listeners to reframe their perspective and actively engage in their healing journey with self-awareness, self-compassion, and a willingness to embrace transformational experiences.

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Sacred Feminine Power With Olya Pine

Sacred Feminine Power

In this episode, Olya Pine explores the concept of Sacred Feminine Power and its significance in our lives. She delves into the wisdom and energy associated with the feminine aspect, emphasizing its importance in creating balance and harmony within ourselves and the world.

Olya Pine begins by discussing the historical suppression of feminine power and the impact it has had on society. She highlights the need for reclaiming and honoring the feminine qualities that have been undervalued or overlooked for centuries.

Throughout the episode, Olya Pine introduces various aspects of Sacred Feminine Power. She emphasizes the nurturing, intuitive, and empathetic qualities associated with the feminine energy, and how they can bring about positive change and transformation.

She also explores the idea of embracing vulnerability and authenticity as essential components of the feminine power. Olya Pine encourages listeners to tap into their emotions, intuition, and inner knowing, allowing these aspects to guide their actions and decisions.

Furthermore, the episode explores the importance of reconnecting with nature and honoring the cycles of life. Olya Pine explains how aligning with the natural rhythms can help individuals tap into their feminine power and find greater fulfillment and purpose.

Throughout the conversation, Olya Pine shares personal stories, insights, and practical tips for accessing and cultivating Sacred Feminine Power in everyday life. She encourages listeners to embrace self-care, self-love, and self-acceptance as foundational practices for embracing their feminine essence.

The episode concludes with Olya Pine highlighting the transformative potential of Sacred Feminine Power on a collective level. She emphasizes the need for collective healing and the role that feminine energy can play in creating a more balanced, compassionate, and inclusive world.

Overall, this podcast episode with Olya Pine explores the significance of Sacred Feminine Power and provides insights and guidance for individuals to tap into this energy in their personal lives and contribute to a more harmonious society.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the episode:

  • The sacred feminine is a powerful force that can be used to heal and transform our lives.
  • The different aspects of the sacred feminine include the mother, the lover, and the warrior.
  • We can tap into the sacred feminine power by connecting with our bodies, our emotions, and our intuition.
  • The sacred feminine power can help us to overcome fear, shame, and self-doubt.
  • The sacred feminine power can help us to find our voice and our power as women.

If you are interested in learning more about the sacred feminine power, I highly recommend listening to this episode. It is a powerful and inspiring exploration of this important topic.

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Sex, Love and Intimacy with Michelle Alva

Sex, Love and Intimacy with Michelle Alva

In this Ohm All Day podcast, Ari introduces Michelle Alva, a renowned pelvic floor therapist and tantra workshop leader. Alva shares her journey of healing and transformation, focusing on the science of love and oxytocin, the healing hormone. 

She lost her virginity at 14 and struggled with shame and guilt, leading to a lack of self-love. Alva discovered yoga, tantra, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnosis, which helped her integrate her body, mind, and soul into her life.

Alva’s journey began with her own sexual trauma, through which she learned to love herself through yoga and meditation. She discovered that her shame and guilt caused tension in her pelvic floor, which she now uses to help others. 

Alva emphasises the importance of compassion and intimacy in learning and connection. She also highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing women’s pain, which is often minimized in the media. Alva’s journey highlights the importance of understanding and embracing the pain women hold, including those related to menopause and sex.

Pain from sex can be a source of tension, trauma, and emotions, leading to shame and guilt. Women often feel inadequate as children, and their basic needs are not met due to parental expectations and an emotional lack of support. 

Many women are emotionally retarded and suppress their emotions, leading to stress and a lack of breaks to feel and be with themselves. Pelvic floor physical therapy can help address this issue by helping women clear old memories and feel safe.

It is important to speak up and use your voice because your vagina and penis matter. By learning to breathe with your diaphragm, feel safe, surrender, and default to love, women can overcome their pain and improve their sexual experiences. By doing so, they can feel more creative, useful, and youthful.

The speaker discusses the importance of understanding and embracing one’s sexuality, including pain, shame, guilt, and experiences like abortions or STDs. They use various modalities, such as tantra, physical therapy, meditation, breathing, embodiment practices, toning, and singing, to help individuals connect with their wombs and their desires. 

The speaker emphasises the power of mindset and the importance of taking responsibility for our perception of what happens to us. They also discuss the importance of being present in the moment and connecting to powerful points in the body, such as the G-spot and prostate, to secrete love hormone. 

The speaker emphasises the importance of integrating our heart, sex, and soul and how Tantra provides a feeling of sanctity and the gift of the present moment. They also discuss the misconceptions surrounding tantra and intimacy, highlighting the importance of understanding the connection between intimacy and tantra.

The Yoga Expo is set to return to South Florida on March 18th, featuring over 50 classes, exhibitors, and a healing section. The event is open to both new and experienced yoga practitioners, with a children and families section for children under 12. Intimacy, a fundamental aspect of yoga, can be defined as emotional, physical, or spiritual intimacy. 

It is our nature to be open and connect, and vulnerability to vulnerability is essential for authentic expression. Intimacy can be experienced through compassion, sitting with pain, and deep self-awareness. To experience intimacy, one can close their eyes, lean back, and feel their breath. 

The E3 breath, or the intimacy breath, is a technique for expanding oneself and feeling more deeply. This practice is beneficial for those who have experienced trauma, as it allows them to be open to new opportunities and resources.

The speaker discusses the Alva method, which focuses on amplifying, loving, vibrating, and taking abundant breaths to improve presentness and emotional well-being. The method helps reset and calm the nervous system, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and lower blood pressure and anxiety.

It promotes the release of emotions and allows individuals to feel their emotions without analysing them. The speaker shares their journey of learning to love themselves, including losing their virginity at 14. They also share their experiences with Daddy’s healing and abandonment and how they have found joy in connecting to their sexuality and self-love. 

They also discuss their experience with permaculture, the importance of living life as a plant, embracing nature’s recycling, and embracing the power of nature. The speaker emphasizes the importance of yoga and awareness of tantra.

The speaker discusses the practice of tantra, which means to weave and stands for expansion, freedom, and liberation. They emphasize the importance of being whole and connected, allowing energy from everything to fuel one’s existence, including sex. 

They mention the importance of breathing into one’s genitals and welcoming all sensations, even in the face of sexuality. They suggest that people should be grateful for their feelings and not suppress them. They also suggest that embracing the energy of dogs and letting oneself feel their sexuality can help people live with acceptance and love.

The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not judging oneself and living with experiences rather than trying to justify feelings. They encourage people to have values like integrity and honesty and not blame themselves for their experiences. The speaker encourages others to reach out to their business coach for more clarity and focus.

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How To Activate the Art of Success in Simple Steps

How To Activate the Art of Success in Simple Steps

In this podcast, Arian Ari discusses the art of success, which he defines as the accomplishments in life that make one feel happy and proud. He breaks down the art of success into three steps: who you are, your personality, traits, beliefs, core values, actions, and goals aligned with those actions. Ari grew up in a traditional Peruvian household, prioritizing education and hard work over personal qualities.

He discovered the importance of stillness and understanding the different aspects of the mind and spirit through yoga. He emphasized the importance of stilling the mind and body to see the reflection of oneself. Ari also discussed journaling, which was not about who he was, but about what he did with his friends. By practicing yoga, Ari learned to focus on the body and mind, allowing for a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around them.

The speaker discusses the importance of questioning oneself and inner transformation to achieve goals. They suggest that one should be okay with their materialistic and beautiful qualities, and that they should focus on what they need to be to achieve those goals. 

They also suggest that one should be slower, more disciplined, and more focused to achieve their goals. They also encourage the speaker to start a core values exercise to identify their non-negotiables and values that they would not sacrifice for anything, such as family. By doing so, one can create a more fulfilling and fulfilling life.

The speaker discusses their core values, which include time management, freedom, and business models. They emphasize the importance of aligning these values with their capabilities and abilities. They also discuss the importance of actions in manifesting dreams and matching actions to one’s capabilities. 

The speaker suggests that identifying one’s strengths, such as organization, diligence, creativity, and stardom, can help in achieving goals. They also discuss the importance of identifying one’s zone of exposure, which can be achieved through various means, such as podcasts, writing, or contributing to radio shows. The speaker emphasizes the importance of balancing these values with personal growth and success.

The speaker discusses the importance of having a coach to help start and maintain a routine. They suggest having someone on your team to hold you accountable and make the actions more powerful. They also suggest breaking down goals into three categories: big, medium, and details. The big pieces include an exercise routine, equipment, and clean diet. The medium pieces include meal prepping, a coach, or gym membership. The details are the small details, such as pantry clean-up or detoxing.

The speaker also shares the Pomodoro technique, which involves setting a timer for 20 minutes to focus on one task at a time. This technique helps to focus on specific tasks and avoids overwhelm. The speaker also mentions the one-minute technique, which involves doing something for a minute and then repeating it. This technique can help to create micro actions and see progress towards achieving goals.

The third pillar of the Big Pillar is achieving goals through projects. The law of tensegrity suggests that actions and projects should be aligned to achieve goals. By assessing one’s current state and setting a time frame for future progress, individuals can set realistic goals for their health, business, and lifestyle. 

For example, a person might want to improve their diet and fitness, but if they aim to become a bodybuilder within 12 months, they may need to adjust their lifestyle and work more hours. This approach helps maintain a balance between personal growth and achieving their goals.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of setting goals based on a tight rubber band to create momentum and inertia. They suggest creating projects that make you excited about reaching your goals, such as collaborations, joining a community, or attending networking events. 

The speaker believes that success starts with one’s being and that applying simple strategies can lead to the life of one’s dreams. They encourage listeners to track their actions and make adjustments as needed to achieve their goals. 

The speaker encourages entrepreneurs to join their Facebook group, The Aligned and Abundant Entrepreneur Movement, and follow them on Instagram. They also encourage taking time for self-care and settling into one’s goals. The speaker encourages listeners to take time for themselves and stay motivated to achieve their dreams.

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The Most Important Parts of An Online Business with David Asarnow

The Most Important Parts of An Online Business with David Asarnow

David, a successful entrepreneur and mentor, shares his journey as a marketer and his inspiration for starting his own business, Business Nitrogen. He shares that his grandfather’s business, which specialized in orthotics and prosthetics, influenced him from a young age. He learned about advertising and marketing from his grandfather’s ads and was inspired by his own experiences.

He graduated with a degree in advertising from the University of Florida and later became involved in sales and marketing. His agency, Business Nitrogen, was an accident when he was speaking for Tony Robbins and Chad Holmes. He invested in coaching, training, seminars, and workshops, eventually becoming a business breakthrough speaker.

He was the top closing speaker at a seminar and later turned over his expertise to a company that helped build a website in a marketing funnel. David’s success is attributed to his dedication and hard work, which has allowed him to grow and succeed in the healthcare industry.

The speaker, who is a marketing and creative marketing agency owner, was held hostage by a company that claimed their website was 90% done but only 5% done. They had to pay $8,000 to fix the website and build a funnel. The speaker, who was already in debt, referred the client to JB, who rebuilt the site and built the funnel.

This led to referrals and the creation of an agency. The speaker admired the team’s ability to handle everything, and the importance of putting key players in charge. They also emphasized the importance of giving back to others, as it helps them grow and learn from their mistakes. The speaker’s success is attributed to their team and the lessons they learned from their past experiences.

The speaker discusses the importance of planting seeds and focusing on core values in business. They share a workshop with health-focused entrepreneurs and emphasize the importance of having a clear vision statement and core values.

They suggest that identifying and implementing these values in daily business practices can help align everyone in the same direction. The speaker also discusses the importance of visibility in business building, which can help convert clients and increase sales.

They share a book by Jim Collins that helped them build their first eight-figure business, which went from 0 to 45 million over five years. The speaker’s success was attributed to having a big, audacious goal bag, which helped them achieve their goal of having the largest division in a company, leading to over 80% of the company’s profitability in the final year.

The speaker shares their vision for their company, which aims to be one of the top 100 companies in the US and the number one company to work for in South Florida by 2030. They mention that they have run into people in random places, such as on airplanes or layovers.

They also mention their entrepreneurial incubator, which aims to generate $5 billion in revenue over the next nine years. The speaker emphasizes the importance of hard work, humility, and open-mindedness in achieving success. They suggest that to get out there, one should know who they want to impact and target niches and micro-getters.

They recommend finding groups of value and answering three questions daily, without soliciting or casting a great vision. This will help them understand what information is impacting people and tailor their marketing funnel and content accordingly. The speaker concludes by mentioning that they have grown their businesses in less than a year and a half using this strategy.

The speaker shares his experience of building a successful online business, starting with a small email list and eventually reaching over 65,000 people on her list. He emphasizes the importance of offering value to clients and focusing on organic, organic content.

The speaker also shares his own experience of overcoming haters on YouTube and achieving over a million followers. He emphasizes the importance of commitment and dedication to one’s goals, as well as the value of working hard and working hard.

He also mentions his agency’s focus on high-ticket offers and their ability to automate sales. The speaker also praises David’s work ethic and his ability to connect with his clients. The speaker concludes by expressing gratitude for his guidance and highlighting his family and team’s activities.

The speaker concludes by expressing gratitude for the insights and the opportunity to learn from David’s experiences.

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Authenticity + Community: Yoga for Goals!

Authenticity + Community: Yoga for Goals!

Today, I get to introduce my friend, Pedro Luna. Ariane and Pedro have been friends for years and Pedro is a great friend of hers. Pedro recently launched his Next Level Academy. The whole point of his academy is to help new and aspiring teachers succeed in the ever-changing yoga world. 

It is so cool. Ariane thanks Pedro because he has a lot to do with her Next Level Academy. He was there at the inception of a lot of Ariane’s ideas. Ariane also apologises to Pedro for not mentioning that he helped her with her logo—you know, the logo that everyone sees online.

She mentions that Pedro is a good friend of Melatonin, and Melatonin loves him. Lastly, Ariane loves how, in this day and age, there are so many different types of people who are into wellness. It is so important to highlight people who really do something: move the needle of the wellness community. Ariane and Pedro laugh. Ariane says, laughing, “My man, Pedro Luna.”

A lot of people are genuinely passionate about yoga as a pillar of wellness. Some of the benefits of yoga are stilling the mind, breathing, pranayamas, and the strong, moving power of energetic movement it brings. The speaker goes on by sharing their personal story, which has gotten so different for them. It started for them in 2000 and 2011, when they couldn’t get their lives together. The only thing they had never done was yoga; that’s how they got into it.

They had done pyramids and herbal vital supplements; they were at Cosco one day and bought a DVD; and they went on to practice Bikram for a while because they went to their first class because of a flyer. It wasn’t until they heard of Ana Forest, who did horse stances, that they began to embark on a yoga journey that transformed the speaker. 

The speaker could also mention they used to practice Bikram yoga as medicine instead of antidepressants or anxiety medication and one day during the summer of 2017, my body just stopped working from the heat.

I have three beautiful children and we all work with my wife, who runs the teacher training. My wife is one of the most amazing event planners and organisers, and we come together and co-create events. The balance we have managed to achieve in working together is like the balancing act of the boat perpetually being rocked by the waves but finding steadiness and comfort.

I also have an assistant, Sukha, who, amazingly, can have the same idea but go around the other way to achieve the goal or have the same goal but start with a completely different idea. The balance between him and my work is amazing, keeping to our monthly terms while being allowed to focus on my main goal, yet still skewing bonuses while maintaining balance in who works and what we do.

The speaker talks about how important family experiences and challenges are and have been throughout their lives, business, etc. They mention and rephrase the following text: ice bath, where their son Michael has also been a part of this process. 

The speaker explains how to relate this type of thing to life itself and how they all have to be on the same page in order for their lives to function properly. The experiences have to be at the highest level; we shouldn’t  just hang out and be a family.

They give an example of something fun and something a little more typical with the nail boards, which is not quite an ice bath but it works. And Michael did and did not care for it (the speaker goes on; they mention the 2- to 3-day writing challenge that Brian created, or the 100-mile bike challenge or whatever it is because they just want the kids to do something active and healthy, not unresponsiveness). It is part of the normal day growing up, and that’s why they do all the funny stuff so that the kids just do stuff.

First of all, I kind of want to go backwards. I was thinking about going to your thing when you talked about it in your shot and a.m. And your miles, how when my daughter was probably 12, we got to talk into it; she was almost 12 and so when did it with our dogs? 

So she would take the dogs out, you know, every night, and she’d do her mile because that’s what we had to do, or that’s like, goodness, very late just to say that I’m past 12 years old and hadn’t done it in a year, and we have an app that we downloaded saying how many miles we have if we didn’t start like January 1, and we have over 350 miles.

She’s going to be 31 to me when she starts. I can’t do any of them anyway. Mine was the first gold. So it’s actually pretty; we’ll let her do it at a.m. Run and she’s already a bad parent but she’s Lewiston, haha, haha, but it made it easier for me as a parent to say you know she’s okay. Eye your area. I was 13 years old and I was high without. You know, I mean, we kind of did some strange things. So and then I could go back to really the first Y.

When I met Reverend Rhonda, not that I could even, over a long period of time, remember everything that she said she had you for two hours or more. She took me. 

It wasn’t Sipchateau who was doing it; my nose was running and my back was itching from all those kinds of things I taught in my yoga journal. I called and bought hundreds of dollars worth of Yoga Journal magazine, which, you know, didn’t really help us get their first stitches. Karen disappeared from yoga. And then destiny started me in Bikram yoga.

My eyes turn blue all the time and sweat rolls off my face. I quit after one more. I slept for three complete days after a Bikram yoga class, but it’s a trap. I saw Desti practicing, thinking I could do it, and I really immediately did Bikram for years. 

Then I found in England that it’s called a regular form of yoga. I grabbed the teacher by the leg and told her she hated me. You’re wrong. You don’t like it when I tell you that it took us two hours to drive to her house. I got her car cover and my money back.

So Raven called, picked me up, and took me to lunch on the water, knowing I had heartburn from the junk I was eating. And as we were sitting there on the water, eating, we turned and looked at the side of the road. Roland is the kind of person who rolls, yet you know when people know each other there.

The spoke credit Karen’s head with three miles so I yoga My heartburn I was a total melt with two things of yoghurt at Publix a green yoghurts and so I got home that day and you can keep showing me now all of these when I come and I got home that evening you had Yoga journal all over your head. I just tried it in here and I looked at my table and said, I don’t like Vata; I like Vinyasa.

People absolutely anywhere are there for you and totally reachable in countless ways. Humans are not to be ignored. In continuation, the yoga instructor in the video is going to work on her yoga career and she has grown in this journey but it is not done yet. 

Ari Arias is a yoga instructor and business owner and he gives an example of starting a yoga business and also the process of quitting while doing yoga and what the end results can be because they are factors to work really hard not to contain.

We are here to offer value to others and will take money and financial freedom but you have to break opinions based on your own experience leading trainings and retreats worldwide. Nine years and only just became a yoga instructor.

Arian would argue that one must persist despite challenging technology. “All were thrilled it was over and agreed never to do it again so I was thrilled with the 90. Midway through the redrafts, I went back through the screen captures I had taken, trying to get a snapshot of the whole kahoot,” he says. In other words, when technology does not go our way, we must continue.

Arian’s advice to his students who may have trouble with technology is “don’t give up on yourself and what you want.” In my pursuit of a better marathon time, Arian is insistent that one must practice every day, “whether it’s reading six pages in a boring book, picking up a musical instrument or running two miles.”

Arian says he uses running for cardio to chase after the four things: a healthy heart/mind and so that he can say he did it. His mentality is to think of never stopping. The only thing that makes you a quitter is being committed to stopping. If you stay committed and, as the right wording would be, focused on your goals in your personal life or business, you can be successful at it. 

The speaker says to overcome physical pain and continue to stay in a positive mindset. They use the metaphor of David Goggins to reveal perspective on how hard things can be.

He says perspective is like, if you think about running three blocks, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but if you say you are going to run around the block 12×3, that might sound a little hard for someone who can’t run. Like when people who have been through a good bit of breakups tell an inexperienced dater to stop crying over your boyfriend; he’s not worth it.

You just broke up. They tell you to at least wait three weeks. A child never pays attention to their previous pain and you should too. Paying attention is another word I considered.

Another point that the speaker talks about is how beautiful yoga is when it’s just you on your mat, where you have to see your demons and learn from your own experiences, which makes you grow as a person. The number one thing about a community is that people join it because of authenticity, which brings the right type of people around you to those that are attracted by your authentic energy and are genuine too. Once the speaker enjoys the yoga class on the beach, where they wouldn’t do yoga but hang outside with people in the perfect location,.

Every full moon, they do classes together with their friend, Jessica, on the beach. The energy stirs them down to their core and so does the energy of everyone that attends. The full moons for the bigger full moon yoga classes might be blowing 20–30 miles an hour.

The speaker looks at the ocean and the wind coming across the ocean and that is all she sees because there are times when she is just catching her hair completely covering her face. That was a time when a class was really challenging.

Summarization: The speaker states that one of the qualities required of one in building a strong community is the ability to move out of the physical pain and keep going with it. Also, the topic of having something in common was again emphasised, which entails authenticity because it is only when you truly desire something that you will find people who desire the same thing.

The speaker accentuated the importance of staying connected and offering value to their listeners. They also discussed the significance of podcasts and different social media platforms where you could be in the loop with their teachings. Lastly, they spoke on the importance of sticking around in a community that is okay with your strengths and weaknesses. 

The speaker suggested how much a community, whether that be through yoga or some other means of life activities, helps one significantly. The speaker mentioned having fun and valuing relationships.

She also mentions nourishing the community with events like smoothie meetups and brunches in the future. This speaker gets personal in a very relatable way, mentioning that their latest mentee might just pass them up or conclude that they will be more successful later in life. 

Their latest work is in a restaurant and he is a 24-year-old millionaire. She says that she will always learn new things and be happy to even have a younger co-worker as a boss.

Then she goes on to keep the article more personalised by saying that they are living an empowered life after an activity that the person who is reading the article might also take part in. 

The person writing this article says that you, too, can live an empowered life by taking yoga. They then go on to say that their best advice is to try out yoga in a slow, fit way. Another great statement the speaker concluded with was, Now wouldn’t it be better to live a supportive life?

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Intentional Roadmaps to Success

Intentional Roadmaps to Success

As we begin, I want to say thank you for being here at “Home All Day,” the platform to focus on the three pillars of life, happiness, health, and wealth. Today’s main topic is the intentional action roadmap to success and how that is different for all of us in different areas of our lives.

The nursery girl shared that she owns her own wellness company and has had it for 20 years. Listening to what she says and being intentional, really speaks to me and my generation. She reflects back to one of the studio classes she teaches and shares a time when her class attended a yoga class and realized intentional action. 

She reflects on how she was twenty at the time and is just now becoming aware of this. Again, listening to her really reiterates how our society is becoming so consumed by everything going on in the world. She also shares a PowerPoint that goes along with the roadmap to success in a business.

The conversation seems to approach a goal setting process much like a roadmap. She is speaking towards the structure, or blueprint, of reaching success. The speaker explains success as knowing their destination, their motivation, identifying certain milestones along the way, and setting into motion a plan of action to make the journey. 

By completing the goal setting process using the roadmap method, you are breaking success down into bite-sized pieces. You are being very intentional in your efforts to reach success. The speaker shared an illustration where she used the process to “potty train” her then child. 

The speaker’s roadmap used M&M’s as the reward system. The most important part she realized was the consistency of the plan or getting that tough goal accomplished.

Beyond the activities, moreover, is the planning mechanism called the roadmap, which is categorized by big, medium, and small elements. These are the big rocks, medium stones, and details. 

The point of the pursuit is to be a “big boulder,” or a big picture person, rather than a detail oriented “small details” person. This way of thinking is transferred to all aspects of a person’s life, i.e., time management, investment, and resource management.

First, the chart for transformational change has vision, which is needed to explain the change, second, skills, which are needed to do the job; third, incentives, which are people, what is in it for them and for it to work together; fourth, resources, which are things needed to make this work; and finally, an action plan, which is needed to apply all four of the other elements, then you can change. 

Also talked about the emotions involved in change, which would be confusion, anxiety, resistance, frustration, and false starts, and that would come from a lack of elements in the transformation process.

The speaker wants the listener to take a look at their area of life they need to change and focus on in a more intentional area of their life, implement overdue goals now, and make ones with a time limit. The speaker informs you to not wait too long to make some changes of intention until we regret that we wasted our energy on not intentionally preventing life. 

to include that we should make intentions to purposely do some things. such as, using our energy intentionally, using my time intentionally, and using my money intentionally, to include that we should not just go with the flow and try to think about something to do.

The speaker then would like you to reflect on the aftereffects of one’s desires, take intentional daily actions, and really feel happy once you accomplish things you want. 

At the closing of the episode, she invites listeners to dig in on this article’s message, and let her know what they think about it. If anyone has any questions or remarks, her email is connected to the show notes. She also invites conversations on this topic via Instagram.

The overall episode was a well-rounded exploration of why action is so important to success and touched on a number of topics that I myself am particularly invested in, including happiness and the power of mantras. 

I like that Vanderkam shared practical advice for dwelling in and savoring the weekend, and I love that this is grounded in a structured approach to embracing change. What this podcast did particularly well was share great anecdotal examples of why action is so crucial to success.

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