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Sex, Love and Intimacy with Michelle Alva

In this Ohm All Day podcast, Ari introduces Michelle Alva, a renowned pelvic floor therapist and tantra workshop leader. Alva shares her journey of healing and transformation, focusing on the science of love and oxytocin, the healing hormone. 

She lost her virginity at 14 and struggled with shame and guilt, leading to a lack of self-love. Alva discovered yoga, tantra, neuro-linguistic programming, and hypnosis, which helped her integrate her body, mind, and soul into her life.

Alva’s journey began with her own sexual trauma, through which she learned to love herself through yoga and meditation. She discovered that her shame and guilt caused tension in her pelvic floor, which she now uses to help others. 

Alva emphasises the importance of compassion and intimacy in learning and connection. She also highlights the importance of recognizing and addressing women’s pain, which is often minimized in the media. Alva’s journey highlights the importance of understanding and embracing the pain women hold, including those related to menopause and sex.

Pain from sex can be a source of tension, trauma, and emotions, leading to shame and guilt. Women often feel inadequate as children, and their basic needs are not met due to parental expectations and an emotional lack of support. 

Many women are emotionally retarded and suppress their emotions, leading to stress and a lack of breaks to feel and be with themselves. Pelvic floor physical therapy can help address this issue by helping women clear old memories and feel safe.

It is important to speak up and use your voice because your vagina and penis matter. By learning to breathe with your diaphragm, feel safe, surrender, and default to love, women can overcome their pain and improve their sexual experiences. By doing so, they can feel more creative, useful, and youthful.

The speaker discusses the importance of understanding and embracing one’s sexuality, including pain, shame, guilt, and experiences like abortions or STDs. They use various modalities, such as tantra, physical therapy, meditation, breathing, embodiment practices, toning, and singing, to help individuals connect with their wombs and their desires. 

The speaker emphasises the power of mindset and the importance of taking responsibility for our perception of what happens to us. They also discuss the importance of being present in the moment and connecting to powerful points in the body, such as the G-spot and prostate, to secrete love hormone. 

The speaker emphasises the importance of integrating our heart, sex, and soul and how Tantra provides a feeling of sanctity and the gift of the present moment. They also discuss the misconceptions surrounding tantra and intimacy, highlighting the importance of understanding the connection between intimacy and tantra.

The Yoga Expo is set to return to South Florida on March 18th, featuring over 50 classes, exhibitors, and a healing section. The event is open to both new and experienced yoga practitioners, with a children and families section for children under 12. Intimacy, a fundamental aspect of yoga, can be defined as emotional, physical, or spiritual intimacy. 

It is our nature to be open and connect, and vulnerability to vulnerability is essential for authentic expression. Intimacy can be experienced through compassion, sitting with pain, and deep self-awareness. To experience intimacy, one can close their eyes, lean back, and feel their breath. 

The E3 breath, or the intimacy breath, is a technique for expanding oneself and feeling more deeply. This practice is beneficial for those who have experienced trauma, as it allows them to be open to new opportunities and resources.

The speaker discusses the Alva method, which focuses on amplifying, loving, vibrating, and taking abundant breaths to improve presentness and emotional well-being. The method helps reset and calm the nervous system, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and lower blood pressure and anxiety.

It promotes the release of emotions and allows individuals to feel their emotions without analysing them. The speaker shares their journey of learning to love themselves, including losing their virginity at 14. They also share their experiences with Daddy’s healing and abandonment and how they have found joy in connecting to their sexuality and self-love. 

They also discuss their experience with permaculture, the importance of living life as a plant, embracing nature’s recycling, and embracing the power of nature. The speaker emphasizes the importance of yoga and awareness of tantra.

The speaker discusses the practice of tantra, which means to weave and stands for expansion, freedom, and liberation. They emphasize the importance of being whole and connected, allowing energy from everything to fuel one’s existence, including sex. 

They mention the importance of breathing into one’s genitals and welcoming all sensations, even in the face of sexuality. They suggest that people should be grateful for their feelings and not suppress them. They also suggest that embracing the energy of dogs and letting oneself feel their sexuality can help people live with acceptance and love.

The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not judging oneself and living with experiences rather than trying to justify feelings. They encourage people to have values like integrity and honesty and not blame themselves for their experiences. The speaker encourages others to reach out to their business coach for more clarity and focus.

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