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How To Activate the Art of Success in Simple Steps

In this podcast, Arian Ari discusses the art of success, which he defines as the accomplishments in life that make one feel happy and proud. He breaks down the art of success into three steps: who you are, your personality, traits, beliefs, core values, actions, and goals aligned with those actions. Ari grew up in a traditional Peruvian household, prioritizing education and hard work over personal qualities.

He discovered the importance of stillness and understanding the different aspects of the mind and spirit through yoga. He emphasized the importance of stilling the mind and body to see the reflection of oneself. Ari also discussed journaling, which was not about who he was, but about what he did with his friends. By practicing yoga, Ari learned to focus on the body and mind, allowing for a deeper understanding of oneself and the world around them.

The speaker discusses the importance of questioning oneself and inner transformation to achieve goals. They suggest that one should be okay with their materialistic and beautiful qualities, and that they should focus on what they need to be to achieve those goals. 

They also suggest that one should be slower, more disciplined, and more focused to achieve their goals. They also encourage the speaker to start a core values exercise to identify their non-negotiables and values that they would not sacrifice for anything, such as family. By doing so, one can create a more fulfilling and fulfilling life.

The speaker discusses their core values, which include time management, freedom, and business models. They emphasize the importance of aligning these values with their capabilities and abilities. They also discuss the importance of actions in manifesting dreams and matching actions to one’s capabilities. 

The speaker suggests that identifying one’s strengths, such as organization, diligence, creativity, and stardom, can help in achieving goals. They also discuss the importance of identifying one’s zone of exposure, which can be achieved through various means, such as podcasts, writing, or contributing to radio shows. The speaker emphasizes the importance of balancing these values with personal growth and success.

The speaker discusses the importance of having a coach to help start and maintain a routine. They suggest having someone on your team to hold you accountable and make the actions more powerful. They also suggest breaking down goals into three categories: big, medium, and details. The big pieces include an exercise routine, equipment, and clean diet. The medium pieces include meal prepping, a coach, or gym membership. The details are the small details, such as pantry clean-up or detoxing.

The speaker also shares the Pomodoro technique, which involves setting a timer for 20 minutes to focus on one task at a time. This technique helps to focus on specific tasks and avoids overwhelm. The speaker also mentions the one-minute technique, which involves doing something for a minute and then repeating it. This technique can help to create micro actions and see progress towards achieving goals.

The third pillar of the Big Pillar is achieving goals through projects. The law of tensegrity suggests that actions and projects should be aligned to achieve goals. By assessing one’s current state and setting a time frame for future progress, individuals can set realistic goals for their health, business, and lifestyle. 

For example, a person might want to improve their diet and fitness, but if they aim to become a bodybuilder within 12 months, they may need to adjust their lifestyle and work more hours. This approach helps maintain a balance between personal growth and achieving their goals.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of setting goals based on a tight rubber band to create momentum and inertia. They suggest creating projects that make you excited about reaching your goals, such as collaborations, joining a community, or attending networking events. 

The speaker believes that success starts with one’s being and that applying simple strategies can lead to the life of one’s dreams. They encourage listeners to track their actions and make adjustments as needed to achieve their goals. 

The speaker encourages entrepreneurs to join their Facebook group, The Aligned and Abundant Entrepreneur Movement, and follow them on Instagram. They also encourage taking time for self-care and settling into one’s goals. The speaker encourages listeners to take time for themselves and stay motivated to achieve their dreams.

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