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Intentional Roadmaps to Success

As we begin, I want to say thank you for being here at “Home All Day,” the platform to focus on the three pillars of life, happiness, health, and wealth. Today’s main topic is the intentional action roadmap to success and how that is different for all of us in different areas of our lives.

The nursery girl shared that she owns her own wellness company and has had it for 20 years. Listening to what she says and being intentional, really speaks to me and my generation. She reflects back to one of the studio classes she teaches and shares a time when her class attended a yoga class and realized intentional action. 

She reflects on how she was twenty at the time and is just now becoming aware of this. Again, listening to her really reiterates how our society is becoming so consumed by everything going on in the world. She also shares a PowerPoint that goes along with the roadmap to success in a business.

The conversation seems to approach a goal setting process much like a roadmap. She is speaking towards the structure, or blueprint, of reaching success. The speaker explains success as knowing their destination, their motivation, identifying certain milestones along the way, and setting into motion a plan of action to make the journey. 

By completing the goal setting process using the roadmap method, you are breaking success down into bite-sized pieces. You are being very intentional in your efforts to reach success. The speaker shared an illustration where she used the process to “potty train” her then child. 

The speaker’s roadmap used M&M’s as the reward system. The most important part she realized was the consistency of the plan or getting that tough goal accomplished.

Beyond the activities, moreover, is the planning mechanism called the roadmap, which is categorized by big, medium, and small elements. These are the big rocks, medium stones, and details. 

The point of the pursuit is to be a “big boulder,” or a big picture person, rather than a detail oriented “small details” person. This way of thinking is transferred to all aspects of a person’s life, i.e., time management, investment, and resource management.

First, the chart for transformational change has vision, which is needed to explain the change, second, skills, which are needed to do the job; third, incentives, which are people, what is in it for them and for it to work together; fourth, resources, which are things needed to make this work; and finally, an action plan, which is needed to apply all four of the other elements, then you can change. 

Also talked about the emotions involved in change, which would be confusion, anxiety, resistance, frustration, and false starts, and that would come from a lack of elements in the transformation process.

The speaker wants the listener to take a look at their area of life they need to change and focus on in a more intentional area of their life, implement overdue goals now, and make ones with a time limit. The speaker informs you to not wait too long to make some changes of intention until we regret that we wasted our energy on not intentionally preventing life. 

to include that we should make intentions to purposely do some things. such as, using our energy intentionally, using my time intentionally, and using my money intentionally, to include that we should not just go with the flow and try to think about something to do.

The speaker then would like you to reflect on the aftereffects of one’s desires, take intentional daily actions, and really feel happy once you accomplish things you want. 

At the closing of the episode, she invites listeners to dig in on this article’s message, and let her know what they think about it. If anyone has any questions or remarks, her email is connected to the show notes. She also invites conversations on this topic via Instagram.

The overall episode was a well-rounded exploration of why action is so important to success and touched on a number of topics that I myself am particularly invested in, including happiness and the power of mantras. 

I like that Vanderkam shared practical advice for dwelling in and savoring the weekend, and I love that this is grounded in a structured approach to embracing change. What this podcast did particularly well was share great anecdotal examples of why action is so crucial to success.

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