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The Most Important Parts of An Online Business with David Asarnow

David, a successful entrepreneur and mentor, shares his journey as a marketer and his inspiration for starting his own business, Business Nitrogen. He shares that his grandfather’s business, which specialized in orthotics and prosthetics, influenced him from a young age. He learned about advertising and marketing from his grandfather’s ads and was inspired by his own experiences.

He graduated with a degree in advertising from the University of Florida and later became involved in sales and marketing. His agency, Business Nitrogen, was an accident when he was speaking for Tony Robbins and Chad Holmes. He invested in coaching, training, seminars, and workshops, eventually becoming a business breakthrough speaker.

He was the top closing speaker at a seminar and later turned over his expertise to a company that helped build a website in a marketing funnel. David’s success is attributed to his dedication and hard work, which has allowed him to grow and succeed in the healthcare industry.

The speaker, who is a marketing and creative marketing agency owner, was held hostage by a company that claimed their website was 90% done but only 5% done. They had to pay $8,000 to fix the website and build a funnel. The speaker, who was already in debt, referred the client to JB, who rebuilt the site and built the funnel.

This led to referrals and the creation of an agency. The speaker admired the team’s ability to handle everything, and the importance of putting key players in charge. They also emphasized the importance of giving back to others, as it helps them grow and learn from their mistakes. The speaker’s success is attributed to their team and the lessons they learned from their past experiences.

The speaker discusses the importance of planting seeds and focusing on core values in business. They share a workshop with health-focused entrepreneurs and emphasize the importance of having a clear vision statement and core values.

They suggest that identifying and implementing these values in daily business practices can help align everyone in the same direction. The speaker also discusses the importance of visibility in business building, which can help convert clients and increase sales.

They share a book by Jim Collins that helped them build their first eight-figure business, which went from 0 to 45 million over five years. The speaker’s success was attributed to having a big, audacious goal bag, which helped them achieve their goal of having the largest division in a company, leading to over 80% of the company’s profitability in the final year.

The speaker shares their vision for their company, which aims to be one of the top 100 companies in the US and the number one company to work for in South Florida by 2030. They mention that they have run into people in random places, such as on airplanes or layovers.

They also mention their entrepreneurial incubator, which aims to generate $5 billion in revenue over the next nine years. The speaker emphasizes the importance of hard work, humility, and open-mindedness in achieving success. They suggest that to get out there, one should know who they want to impact and target niches and micro-getters.

They recommend finding groups of value and answering three questions daily, without soliciting or casting a great vision. This will help them understand what information is impacting people and tailor their marketing funnel and content accordingly. The speaker concludes by mentioning that they have grown their businesses in less than a year and a half using this strategy.

The speaker shares his experience of building a successful online business, starting with a small email list and eventually reaching over 65,000 people on her list. He emphasizes the importance of offering value to clients and focusing on organic, organic content.

The speaker also shares his own experience of overcoming haters on YouTube and achieving over a million followers. He emphasizes the importance of commitment and dedication to one’s goals, as well as the value of working hard and working hard.

He also mentions his agency’s focus on high-ticket offers and their ability to automate sales. The speaker also praises David’s work ethic and his ability to connect with his clients. The speaker concludes by expressing gratitude for his guidance and highlighting his family and team’s activities.

The speaker concludes by expressing gratitude for the insights and the opportunity to learn from David’s experiences.

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