Entrepreneur: Top 10 Tips To Be A Yoga Business Pro

How ready are you to step up your yoga business knowledge?

Creating a profitable yoga business is not far ahead in your future! So many of yoga teachers are looking to create a better living through doing what they love! Are you ready to find your yoga entrepreneur?

We are thrown into the world of entrepreneurship without formal training, expected to market and fill classes without really knowing how to market effectively, and asked to be a walking brand without having clarity of what that even looks like.

These 10 tips will help move you along the world of entrepreneurship and wellness. Are you ready? I need to hear a LOUD yes as the more excited you are… the better the results!

I’m on a mission to change that and make you a kick ass yoga entrepreneur.

Are you asking why would I want to be an entrepreneur? This you can only answer yourself. Many of us simply want to be part time yoga teachers, but if you are tired of your daily grind then you might want to read this.

1. Clarity of what you want in life

Meditate. Asana. Focus. These tools are readily available to create a clear vision of what your life wants to look like. Desire is a powerful tool in yoga entrepreneur vision quest. What do you want? When do you want it by? Who will help you get there?

Create your own destiny and design your own life. Get the right tools to get there faster because trust me right tools creates ease!

2. Self value & worth

You mean to tell me you don’t look in the mirror daily with words of affirmation and love? Well start today! Knowing your value is so important. This affects how you present yourself into the world, your students and clients and most of all, it feels really really good.

One of my best clients told me the main reason he hires me and pays me (almost double of what I usually charge) is my confidence.

It is common to lack the will and knowhow of your own amazing value. Look back into your years of teaching, look to see how much time and money you have invested in yourself. Look at all the books you have read. There is tons of value in your vault and it’s time you recognize that and let it shine! Weeeeeee!!!!

3. Understanding yoga culture

Did you know the yoga industry is a 9.1 billion dollar business? I didn’t until recently. I knew it was big, but $9.1 billion big? There is a massive growth in yoga and wellness with a 4%  yearly increase. Imagine the possibilities! The world is changing and we are on that train.

The high levels of stress, of needing something so powerful to fill a void of self discovery is at an all time high. The world is focusing on depth in an ever changing fast paced social media lifestyle.

Jump on the bandwagon of helping people move inwards because honestly it’s not nearly enough. My philosophy: work out to work in. If that means you only do yoga for physical benefits the time on your mat is priceless and will change your life. Guaranteed.

Write down your current yoga business. What does it look like? How can you find yourself more active?

4. Purpose time

Simon Sinek has an amazing TED talk on the power of WHY. When we live from purpose, from a deep place in our hearts, career, business, life take on new meaning. Companies, and you as an entrepreneur, should consider having a greater purpose.

Some of the most successful CEO’s like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Russell Simmons and more are major players in improving the lives of others therefore create a better world and make money doing so.

Probably the biggest reason to work and live from purpose is that it creates a sense of selflessness thus giving you warm fuzzy feelings.

5. Make that money honey… but wait is that ok?

Such crazy misconceptions out there about money that it baffles me. Why is making money so wrong if you are a spiritual being? Why do people think of money as being dirty (well physically it has a lot of germs) but that’s besides the point.

Money and earning it is a GOOD thing because more and more we need it to do things like pay rent, car, electricity, internet, cell phones… are you catching my drift? What does a life without the basic necessities look like to you? I know ideally in a utopian world we barter for services but we live in a capitalist world where money is a basic unit of life.

Imagine if you can have all the money in the world. Probably looks like a whole lot of giving, a ton of charity and yet we are afraid to welcome it.

Currency is energy!!! In conclusion meditate on why you want money or why you don’t and guaranteed as a result a shift will occur. Download this free guide to get you started.

6. Revenue streams

Just like a river has many little streams running of it to branch into the world so should your revenue. Putting all your eggs in one basket can be dangerous and can result in you not finding your flow.

Especially in this day and age where being an entrepreneur requires you to be super focused thus dedicating tons of time and effort.

Having a clear picture of what your revenue streams look like helps to see how many eggs and how many baskets you can have. I rather have 1% in 100 baskets rather than 100% in one basket.

7. Business models that make you smile

Did you know there are more than 1 way to make money as a yoga teacher? YES! There are actually over 15 of them which makes this whole eggs and baskets so much more attainable.

Subscriptions, memberships, info products, sales, one on ones, workshops, retreats, online, brick and mortar… and there are more!

Choose business models that make your PURPOSE fit with your LIFESTYLE and as a result work will seem like play instead of something you dread!

8. Competition really is coopetition

As my dear friend Tamara likes to call it coopetition is a call to increase our abilities while moving towards more unique offerings.

There is no reason why competition should stop anyone from achieving their dreams especially when you know how amazing and special you are. I mean I hear people say all the time, there are so many yoga teachers, there are so many yoga studios, well guess what this only makes you up your game that much more thus full power focus!

9. I hate sales

I know trust me this was a long time battle for me which really made me aware of my limiting mindset and why I wasn’t feeling like I was moving further in my financial or personal career goals. Sales is a part of life, the ONLY way you will get more clients hence the opportunity of making sales less of an negative role in your life.

Instead of focusing on the used car sales pitch rather learn ways that sales suits your personality. There are many amazing sales techniques that use compassion making you less of an ass. Just sayin’.

10. Celebration is key!

First of all how often do you celebrate your successes because guarantee you mainly focus on your failures. This is the scarcity mindset epidemic we are trained thus resulting in small celebrations vs big ones!

Since our day to day lives revolve around tasks how can we shift into a more authentic celebration which make the tasks like fun games where we win prizes when completing them?

We can either shift perspectives to looking at daily life as wins therefore training us to be super yogis all the time from mindset to emotional support to general better well being.

Celebrate something awesome you did today as guarantee it will make you smile and most of all make those around you happier as well!

So get Bizzy and make some magic today!