Increased Income – Yes Please!

Yay For Increased Income!

It wasn’t too long ago when I believed payroll was only for “successful people”. For those who were making “real money”.

Side note: Can you see where none of the above statements even make sense?

These were all illusions I had set up because of comparisons to others who I assumed made so much more money than I, who were living more grandiose and who obviously could afford to pay themselves a salary.

I thought, keep all the money in my business account and pay myself as little as possible JUST IN CASE.

Just in case what? What was I setting myself up for? Failure?

So here let’s all say “Yes Please!” to increased income.

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The Reality

Here’s the deal. Now that you and I are professional adults as I like to call it, this is why and how I tripled my salary in just a few short months.

  1. I wanted to settle down and buy a house
  2. I wanted to start investing my money into other things
  3. I asked the “successful people” what they did

Big realization was that I was limiting myself massively on item 1 because no one would lend me money since I earned “so little”. I was also telling the universe that I didn’t need to earn a lot of money because I lived simply. I also wasn’t building up my credit or giving myself cushion to start an IRA, invest or do anything else with my money. It is all about increased income and opening the doors for it to flow in from clients into your business and from your business into your life.

I created an abundance mantra for you:

abundance mantra

The Result

I decided to triple my payroll salary and see what happened. Let me tell you – magic. I realized I was scared in the beginning but once I started the 3x everything fell into place. The fear left because I welcomed more clients into my life and saw more abundance via income to support the pay increase. Also I was able to get a better loan for my home which SAVED me money in the long run and started a chunkier savings account that made money FOR me as well as an IRA for my retirement.

I also felt PROUD of myself for not thinking small and limiting myself. Once I committed to saying – money generates more money I was able to feel really abundant and help my clients from a place of growth vs limits.

The Challenge

Here’s my ask of you- notice how much you pay yourself monthly – is it worth your value? Is is just enough or is it party time in your bank? Do you leave all your money in your business account just in case you need to cover expenses or can you trust yourself and the universe to be bigger and more affluent? Can you commit to 2x your salary or even more? And with this extra income, can you commit to sharing it via a donation (whether big or small) or even crazier, treat yourself to something nice?

Let’s all increase our worth and increase our salaries to show 2020 who’s in charge – the ever expansive universe who wants us to be ever expansive and abundant!

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How To Create Your Dream Retreat In 7 Steps

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The mythical retreat. We see them everywhere! Someone we know is going to Bali, another person a magical Greece retreat, Machu Picchu, Costa Rica just to name a few.

Your dream retreat is not very far away just to let you know. We will visit these 7 steps and get really clear on why, what and how the process is done from beginning to end.

For the last 10 years I have been putting together and selling out yoga retreats to some wonderful destinations worldwide. There are tons of beautiful centers that will cater exactly to what your needs are whether it be an adventure filled retreat or perhaps a more meditative quiet experience. Whichever you choose make sure to follow these steps for a successful and pleasant retreat for your guests and yourself.

Location… It’s SO Important!

Choose a location that inspires you and that makes sense for your audience. Do you want to do it locally, perhaps in another state, or perhaps in a beautiful faraway location. Logistics will always be one of the main tasks in your retreat choosing as the further away you get the more involved you need to be with the students and issues like: travel visas, currency exchange, jetlag etc. To avoid the headache you can always ask for help with Yoga Trail.


This is one of the most important things that will really attract your crowd. The more specific that you can target your audience the better results you will have. Which also brings the question what is your specialty?

Length of Retreat Time

How long do you want your retreat to be? If you were taking your students and clients to a faraway place and I suggest anything from 5 to 7 days but if it’s close and easily accessible then maybe a weekend retreat will suffice. It also depends the amount of material that you would like to cover so make sure that you plan accordingly to your offerings.

Flying Solo?

Sometimes running a retreat by yourself might be a daunting experience. There are many details, a lot of logistics and you have to be not only the teacher but also take care of the students making sure they’re happy and satisfied. Plan accordingly so that you are well taken care of and not overworked.

Who’s Coming?

How many and what kind of people would you want to take on this trip? Your demographic is probably one of the most important aspects so that your marketing and invites  you have a clear picture of who and how you will be catering to them. Can it be a woman’s rgathering? Or perhaps a family retreat? Always the more clarity you have from the beginning the better. Niches are key to create ease in this process so that you can save money and time.


There is a lot of hidden back end work that no one really realizes when putting together a retreat. First of all the agreements with the retreat center need to be clarified from the beginning to see what services they offer, what is and is not included. Are you offering food is part of the package? How many meals are you responsible for supplying? Are you doing any adventures or activities outside the retreat center with your students? If so who will be providing the transportation?

Taking the Bizzy Yogi Quiz might be a great idea to get you clear on your strengths!


After you have your content logistics, your demographic all set up, you need to sell your offering. This is often missed part of the process. Make sure your marketing and collateral are congruent, you have your pricing set up, method of payment, as well as a clear and concise sales pitch.

Retreats are life-changing experience for many people, so make sure that you follow your check list and know that I am available for consulting or even putting the retreat together for you!

Enjoy your travels and bon voyage!

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