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The Hidden Myths to a 6 Figure Business

Today we are going to deep dive into hidden myths that honestly, I wish somebody would’ve told me when starting my journey in business.

If you’ve read some of my other blogs, you’ll notice that I really love to talk about foundation since I was a yoga teacher for 20 years. And look, if your feet are wrong on your mat, they’re gonna be wrong in your business. If your foundations aren’t set up correctly, if they’re not set up to support you as you grow, then you’re gonna find yourself frustrated and maybe spin out of your center. 


Hidden Myth Number One: you don’t need emotional support.

And look, that word gets used a lot, but literally it’s gonna be grit, self confidence, and support. 

Close your eyes and picture all the people around you who are gonna lift you up, who are your cheerleaders and those who are holding you back and aren’t letting you fulfill your dream.

Now, who are the people that lift you up your rocket? Nurture these relationships to keep yourself strong.


Hidden Myth Number Two: you can do it alone.


You’re going to want not just that emotional support, but also somebody that can guide you in the right path so that you avoid thousands of dollars of mistakes. You avoid wasting a ton of time and effort making mistakes because as you know, money is easier to come by, but time is finite.

So find a trusted advisor. The minute I hired a coach, a strategist, that’s what catapulted my business and redirected my life to where I wanted to go.

Hidden Myth Number Three: you don’t need to invest money back into it.

Why do I say this? Because a lot of entrepreneurs, they bootstrap and they don’t invest in systems or softwares that can make their lives so much easier. 


For example, I have a client and she’s amazing at what she does. And she just wouldn’t upgrade her email marketing software. She wouldn’t do it. It was like $25 a month. This is like five Starbucks coffees. So she wouldn’t do it. 

She was like, “I don’t wanna spend that much money. I don’t wanna invest in this. It’s another expense.” 

And I was like, “But everything we’re trying to do, like this software, doesn’t let us on the free version. It’s great that you started with the free version, but just don’t go out to eat for one time a month. And that’s paying for your software.”

Finally, after a bit of arm wrestling, we’re able to upgrade and now we’re getting better open rates. We’re getting data that we need in order to track what marketing efforts are doing. All right? So don’t be cheap when it comes to your business. Be cheap with other excess expenses, but invest in your growth.

Money makes money and you want money to start and grow your business. Invest in to help things be easier, faster and better.

Now also let’s consider what does it take to build a six figure business? Well, a lot of pieces, you need an audience, a good product, time marketing and sales. Once you not only have these skill sets and apply them is when you’re gonna start seeing momentum. And that momentum trust me with consistency is what gets you where you wanna go. 

So, set some realistic milestones for yourself, say, okay, the first three months that I’m starting my business, I’m gonna do X amount of revenue profit. I’m gonna invest X amount so that I can get back X amount. 

And honestly, if you break even the first three to six months of your business, you are winning. And why do I say that? Because a lot of businesses in the beginning, they invest a ton of money and it takes time to see that money turn into returns into profits. 

So be gentle with yourself. Be compassionate with yourself. Things take time and you gotta test things. Not every single marketing initiative that you do is gonna hit the ballpark, right? Not every single Instagram post that you do is gonna get many eyes, not every single YouTube video that you film is gonna get a lot of likes or comments. So be gentle with yourself and don’t compare yourself. 

Because it’s SO easy to compare. It’s easy to see somebody else who’s winning or who’s being successful, but you really don’t know what’s below the tip of the iceberg. You don’t know how much they’ve been working. You don’t know how many coaches they’ve hired, how many marketing agencies they’ve invested in. So don’t compare. Honor your journey, honor your movement from where you’re at to where you wanna go and learn from every step. 


Hidden Myth Number Four: you don’t need a vision.


I want to invite you to look at the first three myths we’ve discussed and deeply assess where you’re currently at. 

What are you standing on right now? What are your goals? What are your visions? What do you wanna see out of your business? Are you aligned in the way that your business is operating the offerings, the services, the products, make sure that they’re aligned to your strengths and that they’re aligned to the vision that you have for the way your lifestyle wants to live. 

Are you taking action? Action. Action. Action. Action. Daily action. Daily action. 

Even if it’s a little one daily action, who’s holding you accountable, who is making sure that the things that you said that like you were pumped about actually come to fruition and that you didn’t get analysis paralysis. You didn’t get stuck. 

At the end of the day, once you undo your limiting beliefs around these four things, you’re gonna see that you’re gonna have a different business quicker than you expected. So please go ahead and comment below and tell me where you’re at in your business.

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