Do you have this too?

I don’t have a split personality really, I have (had) a split brand problem. Let me tell you the story…

It was one of those days, on a warm winter day (I’m based in Miami) where I had a massive realization. I had been living a double life, with 2 brands (really 3 but will get into that).

I noticed not a lot was moving forward and I was working my ass of. It was really frustrating and at the end of the day, counterproductive. I had this ideal of who I was and how I could serve. So of course, being the creative yogini that I am, created 2 brands, 2 websites, 2 newsletters, 2 business cards (and the list goes on). If you want to read more about me, check this page.

Now, was this serving me? NO! It was driving me crazy, but since I had a belief that why would any of my business students want to hear me talk about ROI and email marketing and why would any of my business clients and audience hear about my events and classes. Mind you, these are all perceptions, not truths.

So how can this serve you? It goes back to energy and where you are putting it. Are you living a double life in any aspects. Maybe have 2 jobs very disconnected from each other? I have friends that are bartenders at night and yoga teachers by day. Some client who take care of their bodies at the gym and yoga class, yet, have really negative feelings about themselves and their bodies.

Where is there the limiting belief that is stopping you from being successful, productive and happy? Where is the opportunity to expand your reach into what would serve you best? As you know, by serving yourself in the highest way you can serve and be the most amazing person for others.

brand union

Split Personality Syndrome IS OVER!

So here is the big question? What are you gonna do about it?

I’m re-launching my brand and I hope you keep loving what I send and the messages I share. But most of all, I want to know what you want to connect and feel whole with. What are your issues, disconnects that prevent you from your greatness.

Manifesting your inner magic is one decision away.


AriOm, The Bizzy Yogi.

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  1. Ari, Hi!
    I am a bartender and a yoga instructor too ( both daytime)
    And there is no disconnect at all. Actually when I got really into yoga teacher training I stopped bartending thinking there was. And then I missed bartending so much that I went back to it of course not losing my yoga because it’s not possible and I realize that I always had brought Yoga 🙂 into the bartending service industry. So it’s possible to have two “jobs“ without the disconnect. As you said in the end And in the beginning all is one. So I am Not justSharyn the bartender, or sharyn the Yogini , I can simply know myself asSharyn in-service!
    I do also help my friend with sales and marketing of the skincare company she created.( website below) I would like to find a way to to bring more time and energy to this company because it’s awesome. Would love to get together with you and hear your ideas at some point.
    Love everything you’re doing all the great realizations you’re having and the business that you’ve begun!

    • Hi Sharyn! That is soooo amazing you love both of what you do. Sharyn-in service is a great way to see your offerings. I love it. And it’s important to note that we all have different experiences. My bartender friend worked all nighters and was always tired and complaining about the smoke and not positive atmosphere… there’s lot of different kinds of bars also!
      Would love to connect with your friend and you and see how I can be of AriOm service! 🙂

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