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Mastering Your Inner & Outer 9 Environments

What are these 9 environments I speak of? They are basically a roadmap of your life that show you exactly where you’re at in the process of moving towards your goals in life, career, spirituality, etc…

This was created by my mentor Jim Bunch who I did one of my trainings with. When I did this exercise I was blown away at the exact picture and roadmap that existed and I wanted to create.

Maybe you’ve seen the wheel of life before? Well this to me surpasses it. I actually created a mini course on it for you! Click Here to check it out!

I use it in my coaching programs often because it’s a great assessment tool. Since I work with the 4 A Method (Assess, Align, Activation & Accountability) it’s the 1st step towards harnessing your ideal life map.

How do we do this? Click here and download the wheel and go through it with where you’re at NOW.

Put numbers (1 being low and 10 highest) of where you’re at in each section of your life.


What To Do With The 9 Environments Next

Now that you have quantified your life, don’t use this to see where you’re not excelling but what you want to choose to work towards. And life isn’t all 10’s. For example if you are single and you see the relationships area, don’t put a 2… look at ALL your relationships. Maybe you have the most amazing friends and support system out there.

Don’t go into the worst place and score yourself based on that (and you know how easy it is to do that).

Next, design a plan for what you will do to move out of the lower numbers and into the higher. Again, if you’re a 3 don’t set 10 as your next level – start with small wins!

If you want more help with this, make a moment to chat with me HERE as I know it’s nice to have an outside view. This is also something I do as part of my 1-1 coaching as I know how important it is to have your life map created with a game plan.

As always, I am here to serve and have this work be fun and exciting for you and me.


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