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How to Get More Views for Your Business in 2022


It seems lately everyone’s putting such an emphasis on visibility for social media, for being in front of people, and you’re asking yourself, why do you even need it? Today I want to cover exactly what the main reasons are for why you should invest your time, energy, and money into having a more visible aspect of your business.


Well, first of all, to get clients. If people don’t know who you are, how are they going to buy from you? Imagine going to the grocery store and needing eggs, and you go walk down to the egg aisle. If your egg brand isn’t there, how am I going to buy it?


That’s just a very ABC example of what it means to have a visible brand on not only social media but also think about like outside in the real world when you’re out there networking. If nobody knows what you do, why you do it, and how you do it, what your services are, what you can help them with, then why would they purchase from you? The more eyes and ears you get on your solutions that you provide, the higher likelihood that you’ll increase your customer uptick.


Nowadays, visibility is anywhere from running ads, to having organic social media, to going viral on a video, maybe on TikTok and, like I said, it’s also being in front of people in real life. Let’s go over the number one way to be visible on social media.


Let’s talk about Instagram, for example. Right now the hottest trend on Instagram is to do reels. If you haven’t done a reel yet, I suggest doing something easy and fun. Now, you might be able to see other videos that I’ve done or even some of the reels I’ve done about reels, but the last thing you want to do is be inauthentic. Meaning, if you’re not going to dance and lip sync, you don’t have to, you can even do a reel without people seeing your face.


For example, I did a reel about my office space and I think you saw my feet. At the end, you just saw my reflection in the mirror for a half second so I want you to think about all the different opportunities that you have to give micro-bits of your knowledge, your wisdom, the information that you are so passionate about in 15, 30, 60 second bits. Now, reels are also very similar to TikTok so you might be able to grab the video that you make on a reel, apply it on TikTok and vice versa.


You might want to look for trends so think, are there songs or effects that might be trending that you can jump on to get the most views because, at the end of the day, the more views you get, the better likelihood that you’ll either get a new follower or a new potential client. Now, reels, if you’ve never done them before, might take a little bit of learning but that’s why I say don’t expect to become a creator with all these fancy transitions and outfit changes and getting the lip sync right. Don’t worry about that. Step into a place where you feel comfortable, where you can give some great information to the camera or you’re sharing something from your heart or a story, and at least put it out there.


You can always start learning cool transitions, jumping on creator trends later and, at the end of the day, we have so much potential and you never know, maybe in a month Instagram puts something else out there for us to try and get hooked on. Apart from reels, in Instagram we have lives, you can collaborate with other creators, you can do interviews, so not just you going live but you plus three other people and you can do little panels. You can do guides, you can do feed posts, you can do stories, and IG TV. Instagram alone has about five different ways that you can be more visible and, if you do all of them or a good mix of them, you’ll get exposed to different people.


For example, you could do a joint live with three other people, and guess what happens the minute you do so? Their followers are going to get a ding. Ari is live with this person, this person, or this person, and it’s going to give you a higher likelihood to let people from their feed, their audience, come jump on yours. This also applies to Facebook so if you’re still active on Facebook, which some of you are, I am quite a bit, you can have a group, you can invite people to lives. You can invite people to an event. The more that we expose ourselves, then the easier it is for people to, again, connect with us.


Lastly, there’s YouTube, which I happen to love because it’s the number two search engine in the world. Number one’s Google, number two is YouTube, so if you’re looking for a bigger exposure to specific topics that you can help people on, YouTube, I believe, is still a wonderful way to get large amounts of people viewing your work. We could go much deeper into YouTube and reels and Facebook lives on this one, but I’ll go into some of those more specific trainings on more videos ahead.


Lastly, there is still the real-time networking, speaking on stages, going to networking events, being in a room with people and you showing up as the expert, joining different kinds of organizations, being part of a tribe. I get clients often from being in other masterminds or speaking at events and there’s so many great ways to do that. If where you’re at doesn’t have a lot of in-person networking, find a digital one. I run a really great Facebook group and, just like me, there’s so many others so find your tribe online and that way you can support, you can be in front of them. Perhaps you put yourself out there and say, “Hey, can I lead a specific value based thing to your group?” Hint, “If you want to do that online, come and ask me.”


So many different ways to get visibility and, again, think why do you want to be visible? Why do you want people to know about you? Why do you want people to experience your magic? Well, it’s because the minute they do they’re going to feel better. They’re going to be supported. They’re going to look better. They’re going to have more excitement in their life or they’re going to have more understanding. Number two, visibility in your inbox. If you haven’t started collecting and increasing your email list, start today; meaning, how are we going to get more people to be subscribers for the weekly, bi-weekly, monthly newsletter that we send communicating with people.


At the end of the day, guys, visibility is just another connection strategy. Am I right? Because you’re not just being visible for silly things, you’re being visible sharing your knowledge. If we can show up on social media and we can then show up on people’s inbox, now we’re being visible two times, okay? In-boxes and email marketing is still very much alive, trust me. I subscribe to some of the world’s top marketers. I am in their … Trust me. I subscribe to some really high earners and who are some of the world’s top marketers, and you know where I see them? In my inbox.


Because, look, social media I have zero control over; if the algorithm is going to show you my reel, if my feed post of the day, if my live is going to show up, I have zero control over that unless I purposely tag you. The one thing I do have control over is if I’m in your inbox so I like to send one or two emails a week, and most of them are full of value. A lot of them are driving you from my inbox to my social media or to my YouTube channel where I’ve given you something of value, a training, a lesson, a tip, a tutorial, something that is going to make you be like, “Whoa, Ari knows her stuff. I like her.” Or maybe, guess what? You might also be like, “You know what? I don’t like her,” and you unsubscribe, which is better because then that way I have more people that are actually paying attention.


It’s all about quality, not so much about quantity, so social media and being in inboxes. Okay. Visibility strategy number three, ads, paid advertising. I know that ads are the white elephant in the room but they work. Why do I say that? Because if ads didn’t work then the top earners and top marketers out there, top business owners, wouldn’t be running Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Google ads. They would just be relying on these two strategies that we talked about, which are visibility on organic channels. What do ads do? They speed up the runway. You are paying to play, meaning you are no longer waiting for the algorithm. You are no longer taking a chance. You are inserting yourself into feeds, into searches, and into I’m wasting my day scrolling through Instagram. You know that’s you because that’s me too.


Investing money in a good ad strategy is so valuable because it’ll just speed up and you can expect different kinds of results. You can send people to a freebie, to an opt-in and grow your email list. We just talked about how important that is. You can also send people to a video where you’re teaching something so it’s a educational type post, which is going to help cross those know, like, and trust factors. Finally, you can also send them to a page where you’re asking them to invest either their time or their money, so ads have lots of different results, they have lots of different purposes. You just have to say, “Well, what is it that I want,” and then work backwards from that.


We have three top visibility strategies and, at the end of the day, we have to ask ourselves, “Why am I doing what I’m doing? Would people really benefit from having access to the information that I am so passionate about, and what is the quickest and funnest way for me to do it?” Right now, you’re probably focusing a lot of your attention in the organic, which is the Instagram or the Facebook so make sure to do the strategies, pick a platform and do it well because, at the end of the day, if you’re just tiptoeing on different platforms you’re never really maximizing, and if you’re just tiptoeing on different platforms you’re never really maximizing.


I can’t wait to see what you put out there. You can tag me on your social media so I’ll be happy to share, and remember to subscribe, share, like, follow, all the things, and I’ll see you in my next blog.


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