Growing your business. Let’s play a disappearing act said no one but me.

Growing your business. What does it mean?

This is where we all what to be… in the growing your business mode. I feel like I am there constantly and this is a great thing but sometimes it doesn’t go the way we envision it. Remember one of my last posts Analysis Paralysis?  You would think I am a freaking activating, mind moving, business savvy business mentor and I don’t fall prey to that kind of stuff. Well, HELLO to my disappearing act because that exact thing I wrote about happened to me. I’m in growing my business mode, so why did I disappear?

For the last few weeks, all that I have been doing is discerning what I want to tackle and not. Looking at the bigger picture, listening to what I want and do not want. I’ve been meditating, connecting with my desires, listening to webinars… and… and… wait where are my clients? Where are my webinars I had scheduled? Where are the Facebook ads I had started?

What really happened…

Ok so here is the truth. I took on more than I could handle. My business actually grew by a MASSIVE leap when I said YES to becoming the new owner of The Yoga Expo. The Bizzy Yogi just got bizzier. First of all, let me be super grateful about this new venture and to the opportunity, I am now presented with. I am so incredibly freaking proud of myself for taking on such a huge venture that totally has changed my life. So this is me reconnecting to my initial intention to create a tribe of amazing yogi hearted, business savvy entrepreneurs who want to change the world one OM at a time. The disconnection actually allowed my business to not just grow, but to bloom.

Because of the time I took to stop, breathe, manifest, I allowed this massive opportunity to enter my life, and yours also. What’s so cool is that now I will share what it’s like to put on a 3000 person event. This is also an opportunity for you to grow your business also by stepping up into areas unknown and having the support to just do it.

Growing your business painsSometimes in order to grow your business, you have to disappear

What are the bigger lessons here? There are several:

  1. Taking on a new responsibility doesn’t mean letting go of everything else
  2. Having a mentor to grow your business helps (will talk about this more)
  3. It’s OK to disappear as long as you do it for a bigger reason and not because of fear
  4. Seeing opportunities in life as your teachers and making you step out of your comfort zone only come once in a while
  5. Be proud of yourself no matter what!!!

The result

Now that I am fully in the flow and see my business in momentum, I am here for you once again! I know everything happens for a reason and I want to tell you how growing a business can be some strange happenings that sometimes we think are not good for us, then low and behold, they are!

How does this impact you? Let’s find out!! Schedule a call with me and see how you can see your business grow. I love hearing about why you do what you do, where you are in the process, where you are in your vision and what the plan is to get there. It’s about being in flow and listening and processing. All part of this beautiful journey.

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The Real Reason I Quit Being A Yoga Teacher

What a decade being a yoga teacher taught me:

“I am a yoga teacher. I am just a yoga teacher.”


My identity was all around being a yoga teacher, and you know what was happening? I wasn’t enjoying teaching yoga!

Imagine the identity crisis when all I did was teach classes and teach people how to be yoga teachers. It didn’t feel good.

There was a total misalignment to who I was because if you asked me my answer was understated: “I’m a yoga teacher”. What happened is that because of my misalignment my yoga teaching started to become almost boring and robotic.


First of all, let’s get something clear. Teaching yoga was not the problem. Realizing my purpose was the inside issue which caused the external symptoms. Sounds like science huh?

Well, it totally IS a science, just like yoga. I realized I was not in alignment to my inner strengths which are creative, action oriented, and all about motivation, so teaching asana-based classes 5 times a week, was not fulfilling my purpose cup anymore.

By harnessing my strengths I allowed my inner motivation and excitement to return! It was such an exhilarating moment because I was eager to be and create and eventually inspire.

The power of feeling aligned with what you’re doing is so crucial to staying motivated and a bored or sad yoga teacher is no fun for anyone.

So, now I bring this to you. Not that you are going through the same identity crisis of should I teach or not, it’s more about using your strengths to fulfill your passions. Being in alignment with your values and desires.

Being a yoga teacher is the greatest gift I ever had and knowing things change is the beauty of the practice.


Yup, and boy did it! I went into a slight depression and it sucked because I had never gone through that. I am one bubbly, energetic, and happy person, yet it was hard for me to do anything. Did you read above my main strengths are activator and motivator??

So, this yoga teacher, muddled in “I don’t know what to do with myself” (I did have Bizzy Yogi already, but still!), having the cojones to let go of something so ingrained in me was so hard!!! What’s even crazier is that all this abundant energy was going to sulking and feeling bad about myself. Pity party for Ari in my own house, with no one else but me… at it

WOW. That was even hard for me to write. So in my depression, everything else started to get affected. My new business which I Love, my relationships with my friends, and my relationship with myself.


This is the happy dance. I had 2 conversations that made so much sense in my logically efficient brain. 1. With my friend Jen. 2. With my coach Michelle.

What happened is that they mirrored me and my soul. They asked me the questions that I wanted to ask myself but didn’t have the strength for. They showed me how life is a transition and sometimes we let go of things to activate and accentuate others.

All I needed was also some validation that making this decision was probably the smartest thing for me. Once I saw that and allowed myself to release, that resistance to let go vanished.

So there it is, from one decision… A roller coaster of emotions. I felt like I broke up with my boyfriend and became the cat lady. What’s super cool is that now when I do teach, it’s with an air of freshness stemming from desire vs. having to. I LOVE TEACHING YOGA, just… once in a while.

I’m really looking forward to being more present and awake to my new adventures with the Yoga Expo, with Bizzy Yogi and YOU!

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Creating Fulfillment In Your Business & Life

Fulfillment: What Does That Mean

It means literally being full & filled. We can all do so many things, help so many people, and we can also feel very empty. Fulfillment isn’t something you need to find instead it’s something you create.

“Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.” – Tony Robbins

Do you wake up every morning and get so excited for what you have to do because it fills your soul?


I know about this feeling and I am going to tell you how I actually lost it even though I am in the yoga business.


About 2 years ago I had an A-HA moment as my friends and I like to call it where I just had no desire to teach, to go to the studio, to tell people to do a warrior one. I was pretty sure I was put on this earth for more than this focus on physical practice.


And you are saying, 2 years ago Arianne? YUP.

Sometimes it doesn’t decades of feeling the funk to wake up.


This I learned as it relates to seasons.


In my health coaching practice I often tell people that they have to eat like the seasons – winter you hunker down, spring you wake up and detox, summer you feel light and full of energy and fall it’s when you prepare and integrate more.


This is the same for your business and fulfillment.




I went through the shit, I was depressed, not motivated (and for those of you who know me I am motivation bunny) and I honestly feel was letting dear relationships fall.


Suffering was my M.O. And yes, yoga teachers can feel crappy sometimes.


Not only did I feel crappy, I wanted to quit! I tried but something told me keep going.


That was fulfillment knocking at my door saying Ari get up and wake up!




Just like you read above spring is discovery time, when we need to detox from the winter blues and when we re-emerge from the funk it’s time to party.


Transformation is rough sometimes as it brings the pain level up that the freedom feels like you had a huge realization. Can you picture a phoenix rising up from the ashes?


Fulfillment , lifestyle and business go hand in hand because when you allow yourself to have this transformation all of this will blossom.


Give yourself permission to change, to shift, to transform in your business and life. Spring is when you can reinvent and make exactly what you want.




So when I said that spring was party time no comparison to summer’s bounty. Right now in my mango tree there are over 1000 mangoes and last year that same tree was barren.


What did I do to make this tree bloom and have a massive abundant season- well I fertilized it, gave it tons of love and pruned it. Sometimes we need to cut out all the stuff that’s preventing us from our abundance.


So what I said earlier regarding the moment where I was in really down and not feeling fulfilled… well I made the necessary shifts, allowed myself to give up anchors and invite new experiences.


The way I related to situations and people radically changed and it empowered me once again to have creativity and focus.


Summer for me is the time where I can explode into abundant living both in my business and in my personal life… and obviously eat mangoes galore!!!


Let summer be this time for you! All your hard work, the crap, the transformation, the bloom will show in productivity and growth. I am so happy to enjoy this summer in the growth of my business and let all the fruits of my hard work both internally and externally really blossom.


Integration!!! This is when we re-stuff ourselves with all the goodness we need to be in full integrity with everything we do and how we do it. We learned hard lessons in winter, we allowed the phoenix to rise in spring and we ate the delicious fruit in summer.

Everything in life and business is a cycle that keeps looping year after year, day after day and lifetime after lifetime. Everything I do in my coaching space is about finding the parallels between yoga, spirituality & business to find a fulfilled life with joy and purpose.

Remember your first downdog or first handstand? It’s the same thing!!! It’s the moment you realized how freaking hard it was to get the pose and feel comfortable in it before doing variations. Business is the same exact thing.


Fulfillment is just a season and a decision away. Let your life be guided with spirit and with authentic purpose that leaves you literally feeling full.


I am perfect and complete. Everything is perfect and complete. We are all perfect and complete.


I would love to hear how you create fulfillment in your life and business and if you are stuck I would be honored to guide you! If you are ready to make a change, make your life resonate with your desires then take action and schedule

Fill your life with love and abundance.



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